Losing on human courtesy…

Today I did something for which I am feeling terribly guilty.

In the morning I was struggling to find a rick. I was getting late and sun shone brightly and the heat was making me cranky.

After some 15 minutes I finally managed to get into one Auto. We had hardly covered a Km when the driver suddenly stopped his rick. I was confused. Then I saw there was this girl standing by the roadside. The driver asked her where she wanted to go. She said some place which I was not aware of. The driver then asked her to come in. I don’t know why but I just got scared may be because we hear about so many mishaps occurring when the rick driver stops to make someone sit and actually the driver and the other person are a part of same gang. This gang then robs off the first person.

The girl was about to sit but I straightaway refused and said in a kinda rude voice “I don’t want to share the auto”.The girl backed off and just said ok.

I could see her feeling sad as I denied her. Suddenly I felt bad ,it was so hot,she was sweating and may be even she was getting late and badly wanted to get into the rick.

The driver asked me why dint I allow her to sit.

I replied that he should have first asked me if I was comfortable sharing the rick with unknown person. How could he

just stop and make any random person sit.In fact even that girl did not ask me if I was fine in letting her in. She just came forward to sit.

I know the girl felt bad the way I replied,may be I could have been little polite. But I was so furious and also scared that I just said ‘NO’.

I don’t know whether I did right or not by not sharing the rick with her.

I was wondering how the news about people been robbed off in auto is making us feel insecure. I find it difficult to trust unknown people. I thought had I been in her place getting late and all that still I would have not got in the rick which already had a passenger in it. And since she so readily agreed hence it made me more scared.

May be that girl was genuinely in need of a rick,may be auto guy had no bad intentions but then I was scared. But yes I did feel bad of not helping her.

The society that we are living has made us feel so insecure and all negative thoughts keep coming to our mind.

And it was because of this feeling that I denied help and felt guilty. But whats the use of feeling guilty I actually missed helping someone,may be I really losing the feeling of human courtesy.


23 thoughts on “Losing on human courtesy…

  1. Errr…if I were in your place, even I would have refused to let the girl in…there is nothing to feel guilty…I would rather be rude and safe, than be sad and sorry…does that make me a bad person…well may be it does..but I wouldnt take the risk !

  2. You are correct RM.
    It just that I feel I have not done right..One mind says I should have helped her and the other mind says I did right but just that I should have been little polite 😦

  3. It is better to be safe than sorry. If either the girl or the auto driver had asked you once, then may be you would have considered.But in any case, nowadays it is scary to share auto with strangers.
    It happens sometimes, don’t worry dear.

    • Thats the problem ss since we keep hearing all negative stuff our mind has automatically tuned to dis-trust people.
      And hence many times we tend to ingore people who are genuinely in need of some help 😦

  4. As the summerscript says BETTER to be Safe then Sorry. You just never know what the other person is going to do. right or wrong is not the question here PERSONAL safety is.

    so follow your extincts always its when we dont listen to our heart or extincts that we get into trouble most of the time ..

    Even if they had asked first I would always think twice before i said YES.

  5. I would have too refused to share the auto…. The driver should have checked with you…it wasn’t a shared ric, you were paying full price….
    don’t think that since she was a girl, you should have shared the ric, sometimes girls are too part of some gang as very less people think that a girl can do any harm and later where the girl gets off, few other members would be waiting….

    better be safe than sorry….. But at the same time, I would wish that the girl got another ric, and reached safely….but I won’t beat myself with guilt….

  6. its better to be safe than sorry garima.. you were not rude. absolutely not so take off that guilt from your chest right away.. you will get many more opportunities to help the needy so save that helping nature for future.. now have a peaceful sleep πŸ™‚

  7. I too agree with “Better safe than sorry” Even I in ur place wud hv done the exact same thing.. Just imagine hypothetically, if u were in trouble by letting the girl into the auto, no one will come to ur help.. So its completely OK to be safe than sorry… U did the right thing nothing to feel gulit about!!

  8. Just relax dear. When you are paying for the auto, you have all rights to decide if you want to share it with someone or not.
    A ‘no’ is a no when said politely or rudely. So don’t you feel guilty and all.

  9. I think almost all of us would have done the same thing. That is our social conditioning. That you felt bad makes you better than most of us, me thinks πŸ™‚

  10. Hey! You did the right thing. Dont worry about that anymore. Atleast if the girl or the auto driver and requested you then that would be a different matter. But when it comes to safety – ofcourse you have to take care of yourself – so you did right…

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