Sharing food….

Today I got up late in the morning and had no time to prepare lunch. So we (hubby and me) decided to have lunch in our respective offices.

When I reached office I logged into our company’s portal to book the day’s lunch (we have to book lunch online before 10:30 AM)

One of my colleague saw me booking the lunch and asked me if I was not carrying my lunch box. I replied in negative. He did not allow me to book lunch and said three of us have brought and that we can share. I agreed.

So today for lunch I had 4 types of rice from three dabbas 🙂


1)White rice+pappu(dal)+beans subzi

2)Lemon Rice

3)Vangi (brinjal) bath

4)Curd rice +pickle


It was bliss,first time I had so many variety of rice in one short. Tuesday turned out to be a jackpot day for me. First I got to sleep till 8 ,dint cook and finally had yummy food prepared by three different people. Am I really lucky,yes I am.

This reminded me of my college days .I was a day scholar and so used to carry my lunch and the food was shared (snatched from one hand to other) amongst the hostlers. This snatching dabba would usually leave me food deprived. The hostlers would then take me to the canteen and I would order whatever I liked. Those days were the best and most memorable,just the thought of it makes me nostalgic!

This concept of sharing food is the best and believe me food prepared by anyone tastes good if served wholeheartedly.

I felt so good today and so filling .I enjoyed every bite of it and my colleagues had that feeling of satisfaction of sharing their dabba with me. First they thought I wouldn’t like their food as I am from north India and am not used to eating that much rice as compared to chapati. Thats true that I eat more of wheat than rice but they dint know that I love the various forms of rice cooked in South India. They felt so good that I actually cleaned my plate and I felt so nice having to eat some yummylicious food.

Thus I again came to the same conclusion that irrespective of which kitchen the food is prepared ,wether it is south/northindian dish it always tastes good if prepared/served with love.

Here’s me thanking my wonderful colleagues for sharing their dabbas with me 🙂


16 thoughts on “Sharing food….

  1. I remember being a hostler if a day scholar asked what we want , we would say PARANTHAS.. and they would bring in .. blisss

    And loved the last few words no matter what kitchen the food is made it is lovely and yummmyyyyyyyyy

  2. its always nice to share food and eat, I just love it.. I try to share my home cooked food with a Frined G who always cries to eat canteen food. Poor gal..
    The best was in our school days where others dabba was always delicious than ours..:)

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