To the most beautiful couple….

37 years ago on this day a young girl in her early twenties leaving behind her family stepped in her new family.

From then on started her new journey, playing a new role ,new environment with all new people around. Definitley it was not easy for her but she gradually won everyone’s heart in her new home. There after things became easy for her. All this was possible because of her husband’s love and care for her.


This lady was highly educated but was hailing from not-so-financially-good-family. Whereas this man was from a well -to-do-family. Obviously there were objections from guy’s side but this man agreed to marry her and promised to be by her side forever.


The couple had 3 kids ,2 sons and 1 daughter. Hell broke loose when the man developed heart disease. The kids were too young,the eldest son in his high school and the little daughter in her standard 2.The wife was a rock support and took a decision to give her husband best of medical treatment and took him to Chennai Apollo hospital leaving her kids behind at home. The relatives could not keep their big mouth shut (they were jealous of her being so educated and confident) and betrayed her saying that how heartless she was to leave her children behind.(what else she could have done,leave her husband to die ??)


The husband though he had few more medical issues but he did his best to give his children best of education and keep his family happy. The wife gave her constant support and the beautiful understanding between the couple helped them to lead a happy and successful life.


The kids grew up and the two elder sons got married. Last year when their daughter was getting married it was this lady who looked extremely beautiful much more than the bride herself. Dressed in light blue saree with silver work and matching pearl jewelery made her husband fell in love with her all over again šŸ™‚


In December 2011 the lady had issues in her eyes. The loving husband took her to the doc on his activa and while returning back they slipped and met with an accident ..The husband sprained his foot and till date wears a crepe bandage. The wife’s eye automatically got fine (without medicines) as she had no time to take care of herself and is busy taking care of her husband. She had not gone out anywhere in these 2 months as her husband was not able to walk. Todayyy on their anniversary the man offered to take his wife to BhojpurShivaaa temple,some 30 km from their hometown) on his activa to enjoy thiday. Though he still is not completely fine but he wants to make his wife happy.


Hats off to this lovely couple.


May God bless them with good health and may they have many more fun filled years together šŸ™‚


Wishing you mom dad a very happy 37th wedding anniversary.


26 thoughts on “To the most beautiful couple….

  1. Please convey my regards and best wishes to your parents on their anniversary šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€
    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story of your family with us šŸ˜€

  2. This is such a beautiful post Garima. How is appa’s health now. Your father is really sweet. Convey my wishes and hugs to them ok. And hugs to you too for writing this.

  3. Thank you so much S&S.Wishes are wishes they are never late.

    Yes dad is fine though he is still undergoing physiotherapy (he actually enjoys warm wax poured on his foot in such cold weather :-))

  4. A very happy anniversary to your parents , please do extend my regards to them ..

    Relatives well what can i say about them, they always try to hit you more wehn you are down, its in their nature. Maybe we do the same to someone too .. dont know..

    But hey in the end All’s well that end well..

    What a beautiful couple your parents are …

    • Thank you so much for the wishes Bikram.Welcome to my space šŸ™‚

      True there are people who would encourage us and then there are people who only know to criticize..well thats life..

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