My many firsts in 2011 :-)

In my life till now 27 new years have come and gone.But I guess this was the year which saw my life turning and taking a new direction (ofcourse for good).I had a great year this time,definitley there were few glitches here and there but then that is a part of life.A jist of how 2011 has been for me:

1.I got engaged in January and married in April this year

2.Bought household stuff and set up my new home with hubby

3.Went to Thailand for honeymoon my first international vacation (other than Nepal and yes they are foreign for me :-))

4.Tasted alcholic drink first time in my life with hubby

5.Had first valentines day with hubby (then my fiance) a dinner in a hotlel which had swining pool and open kitchen on the 7th floor.Again it was first time that I got to visit such place.

6.Started blogging.

7.Had my first blogger meet with 3 amazing women ‘summerscript’,’RS’ and ‘Seema’.

8.Bought Activa Honda and drove first time in Bangalore

9.Was caught by police and fined for driving in one way.

10.Cooked a lot this year and surprisingly got confidence in cooking

11.Participated in salad making competion (never took part in any sort of cooking competition before)

12.My parents came to stay with us in Banaglore in OUR house and we took them to Shivsamudaram falls my first outing outside Bangalore with them.

13.On professional front things dint went as expected.I would try and give my 100% effort to achieve it soon.

All in all a funfilled and satisfying year I had.

Thank you god for all the happiness you blessed us with in this year.Also please forgive me for any wrongs I did.

Ending on a happy note,I wish each one of you A Very Happy New Year 2012.


18 thoughts on “My many firsts in 2011 :-)

  1. Thank you RM.Let me ask hubby to take me for the dinner and if he says no then i will tell him RM asked me to go πŸ™‚
    Wishing the three R’s a very happy and a prosperous new year πŸ™‚

    • Yup indeed a memorable and most chrished one..thank you so much for the wishes and wish you,abbas and kids too a very happy new year πŸ™‚

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