Learning bicycle -Childhood memories :-)

1.My brother was teaching me to ride his cycle (an adult cycle).He was holding it as I tried to ride.After sometime I got the confidence that I was riding well.Though I kept asking my bro if he was holding it.Suddenly it felt that cycle had become heavy.I turned back to see bro sitting on the carrier.He smiled at me.I was shocked to see that I was actually riding double seat,I panicked (dont know why) and as a result we had a great fall.

2.It was my 10th birthday ,I was riding my friend’s bicycle.In front of her house there was empty space.I parked her cycle in that free space and went in.We heard some noise we came out to see her cycle was flattened.A four wheeler went over it.The cycle turned into a sickle shaped object.I was scared.Went and informed my parents.They offered to pay for the damage done.But her parents refused and said when children play such things are bound to happen.No issues at all.

3.By this time I had become expert in riding cycle.I wanted to experiment with riding double seat.I took my cycle and made my neighbour’s son sit behind me.I was riding and suddenly a Hero Puch came from opposite direction.In the panick I forgot how to apply brake and the kid sitting behind me got scared.He tried to jump from the cycle and my cycle started shaking and I went and collided with the hero puch guy.we fell down and the result I have a broken front tooth 🙂

4.In the process of learning cycle with my bro running behind me I somehow lost the balance and dashed against a random bhaiya.He fell down because he had polio and could not keep a balance 😦 Though fortunatley he was not hurt.


5.I guess I was 12 years old and by now expert in riding cycle.I started going to school riding it.One afternoon while coming back from school it was raining.So wearing raincoat ,I left school on my cycle.I was near my house and I had to take a right turn which I did without waving my hand signalling that I need to take a turn.Result the girl coming back on her hero puch dashed against me and both us fell down.Now obviously it was my mistake but I was not the one to accept my fault :-)She accused me that I should waved my hand and give signal before taking a turn.How else will she know that I need to take a turn.Fair enough she was right.But smart (fool) me answered ,’You should have given horn how else will I know that you are coming from behind’.Saying this I picked up my cycle and off I went leaving her wonder what exactly happened and who was at fault 🙂


On a different note recalling the above tit bits from my childhood this incident came to my mind where my brothers made a fool of me 🙂

This incident took place in the era of black and white TV.I was some 7-8 years old.My parents had gone out some where and I was at home with my elder brothers.It was during this time I took immense interest in salad decoration.There was cookery show that was getting telecasted and they were teaching to make fish using snake guard.I so wanted to watch it and ofcourse my brothers were dead against it as they wanted to watch some cricket match.

I went inside to get notepad to write down the process that the chef would tell.

When I came back the TV was all dark and silent (they turned it on mute with all black).They told me there is a live telecast and the chef is taking my interview.So I need to tell him in detail what all salad I need to learn.And like a fool I started speaking to the TV with my brothers giggling.Few seconds later they just could not control and they burst out laughing 🙂


Gone are the golden days when we had so much fun and ‘Lived each day as if there was no tommorrow’ (Source unknown)



16 thoughts on “Learning bicycle -Childhood memories :-)

  1. Cycles – sigh! I dont think I can even ride on my own street now without panting and puffing.

    Lovely memories there 😀 And I loved the last one…

  2. Aawwww… does elder brother teach bicycle riding to all their little sisters in every household? Sighh.. goold old days.. my bro is so used to lift his right hand and mildly hit me at the back of my head as he holds the seat if I don’t balance well…

  3. Hey even I share a similar exp, My elder bro and a servant @ dad’s shop teaching me bicycle… Bro took me a round in his Hero Puch..1 round he was sitting behind me and later on decieved me saying he was but he wasn’t and from then I learnt how to ride..Believe me childhood memories are just awesome.. the fights, the games we used to play.. etc..
    I just loved ur last one…

  4. I was so afraid of riding cycles. I learnt riding Scooty directly from my younger bro. He would scold, shout, make fun of me.

    ROFL at the TV incident 😀 How old were you then? (just curious)

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