Calling for help plz…

Arree all you ladies out there who are so good in cooking ,I need a help there is salad making contest in my office and me and my team have decided to put up 5 varities.All of them are finalised except the veg pasta salad.Can you plz suggest some easy recepie for it plzz…


Wake up all the kitchen queens all the mothers who prepare such exotic dishes for their kids plz help… 🙂


16 thoughts on “Calling for help plz…

  1. *I am getting heartache* Seema plz dont this to me…i was relying on you
    meri doobti nav ko aap hi bacha sakti ho 🙂
    Ya plz dear if possible do mail me.Thanks 🙂

  2. Most of the sites are blocked in my office .I did check few recepies at home but I am not sure how they will taste 😦 and I have no time to first prepare ,taste and then decide if i can use that recepie.I want something tried and tested (shortcut you see) 🙂

  3. See-ma, see-ma, S-n-S,S-n-S… Shout shout Garima 🙂
    I do the pasta salad when I invite someone home for lunch, and here it is:
    Ok, here’s something simple – cook your pasta with a little salt-drain water and allow it to cool – preferably the pasta has to be small. Add sprouts, pieces of apple,tomato,cucumber,corn,pineapple,pomogranate,cheese (all these have to be cut small in almost the same size – or cheese can be grated). Mix them all together. To a little bit of olive oil – add some chaat masala or garam masala, lemon juice (to taste) and a bit of chilly powder – mix well – there you are done 🙂

    So far, everyone who has had it has liked it – so go try…

  4. Bingo…I finally got the recepie and am sure it would be the yummiest 🙂
    SO ladied next time you need salad recepie make sure you call ‘Rs Rs Rs’ 🙂

    I am really moved RS you took the trouble not only to share the recepie but also call me and inform me.AM sure you must be busy with birthday celebrations but still you took time and helped me.Thanks dear am really impressed.

  5. Arre Garima.. what you make and call a salad is the salad.. let me try being a bit of help:

    1. Cook pasta in boiling water (gomito -the bent tube ones or penne) with a little salt and cooking oil.
    2. Drain.
    3. Chop bell peppers, carrot, paneer
    4. saute with a little bit of tomato, chilli sauce for just 2 mins
    5. Put everything together and top it with what all pleases you.
    Call it a pasta salad.

    If it tastes good, tell me. If not, I did not tell you the recipe!

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