Weird(est) Dream !!!

I guess I have passed on my ‘lunatic behaviour’ bug to my hubby.What a weired dream he had last night!!!
It seems he was in some place (which place he does not know) and he urgenlty wanted to use the loo.There were plenty of restrooms in that place and all of them are occupied.He was desperately trying to get into one but all of them were engaged.It seems he had to struggle for a long time.
And finally he woke up realized it was a dream and went back to sleep..funny eh?
This is really strange.We dream those stuff which we continuosly think of or may be a day’s activity which we recall and it replays in our dream.Dreams are mainly series of events that took place or which we have given a lot of thought on and it comes back in our sub-concious mind when we are asleep.Hence people usually dream about their job ,family and friends and similar day to day activity.
And does it mean hubby thinks of loo…grrr this is what he keeps thinking and I thought my hubby is working really hard in office *insert some shocked/surprised smiley*

10 thoughts on “Weird(est) Dream !!!

  1. Ha ha ha u n ur funny depection of things.. I wanna know how ur hubby reacts when he gets to know u hv blogged abt his wierdest dream.. ha ha BTW even I have had dreams where I wanted to go to Looo so desperately n cudnt find a place and finally went to my school loo…LOL!!

  2. “Dreams are mainly series of events that took place ” – Once in my dream I parked my car , how you ask , I had to use an excavator to dig a big hole in earth and then parked my car in it.

    I think dreams are supposed to be weird!! πŸ˜›

  3. hehehe paked the car inside the earth …strange πŸ™‚
    I always get dreams related to my everday activities ,sometime I dream about my near and dear ones going for heavenly abode but mum say such dreams actually enhance that persons life…

  4. lol G! well yes dreams are made up of what lies in our subconscious mind from today,yesterday or long lost past too…but there are times when the dreams take an unusual shape about which we never have had clue,so there!

    the last line cracked me πŸ™‚

  5. add me to the list of weird dreamer list too.. that makes me think I am the most weirdest dreamer of the world.. so weird that I had to cross a highway to reach kitchen from bedroom, that my mom lives 10000 miles apart but still I can walk to her room in 2 mins..
    you agree? I am the weirdest dreamer of the world.. πŸ™‚

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