10 reasons to smile :-)

1.when you see a mother with her 3-4 year old daughter in a rick and the kid is covered with her mom’s saree pallu.The kid looks so cute and you keep looking at her.The kid sees you watching her and she gives you a biggg toothy smile

2.When you are running towards the lift as it is about to descend and as soon as you reach there the door closes but the watchmen signals you to get into it from one floor down.When you reach there you find the lift man waiting for you there patiently.

3.You wake up in the morning see your husband in deep sleep.You bend towards him,kiss him and say goodmorning.He tries to opens his eyes and half way shuts them again and just gives you that cute smile in his sleep.

4.A guy in your office who is in his mid twenties says he wants his girl friend to study as much as she likes even after marriage and he will extend his full support to her.

5.When you hear your 1 year old neice say ‘ppppappa’ and ‘mmaamma’ on phone you smile and then think when did she grow up so much.

6.When you see father daughter crossing the road then suddenly little girl stops, holds her dad’s hand real tight and say ‘wait dad let the auto go or it will hit us’.

7.When you see school kids standing in the ground for morning assembly and chanting prayer and you see this small boy open his eyes and see from the corner of it the passerbys on the road.

8.When you are missing your parents and hope that you were with them right now and then your phone rings with name flashing as ‘sweet home’ and that moment you know your parents have long life then automatically you smile.

9.After lunch in office you go and keep your plate in the dish washing area and then other plates kept there falls down.You become sad and give apologetic look to the housekeeping staff but the sweet people that they are,they just smile at you and come to pick up the plates and you smile back at them

10.You see a mom with her two daughters one around 10 years old and other one some 5-6 years old.One daughter wants to eat momos and the other one wants popcorn.They fight,argue and cry on the road.Several thoughts come to your mind and you are taken back to your childhood days when you did the same with your siblings.


23 thoughts on “10 reasons to smile :-)

  1. Oh Garima, what a wonderful post this is. It can brighten anybody’s day.

    One thing I can deduce from this post is that – You are so fond of children, aren’t you?

  2. Glad my post made you smile.
    But this word ‘stupor’ baap re RM aapko RD ki hawa lag gayi 🙂
    And before you spank and stop reading my post I’ll pakka change the background today 🙂

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