My Santa :-)

Yesterday evening I reached home dog tired.Hubby hasnt returned till then.I saw a parcel from flipkart kept on the dinning table .I asked mil she said it was delievered in the afternoon.Ok may be it was that technical book that hubby had ordered for me.He wanted me to read it as it would help in clearing some basic doubts.

I opened the parcel carefully (yes I never tear open the packing instead do it slowly and I even keep the wrapping paper and I never throw it,yeah I am a crazy wifey :-))

And then when I open the cover ,I am surprised.What… I mean how these books got delivered.I so wanted them .My god hubby sure know how to surprise me he got me these books too.While going through these thoughts in mind I kept smiling (mil might have thought I have gone mad)

And if anyone is interested to know which were those two books.They were the books written by Preeti Shenoy.Yeah I know those books were published long back.We are little slow (or make it very slow) .

I called him and smothered him with kisses and all those cute name that we call each other with :-)He kept smiling .Aww it was such cute moment.The memory has been captured in my mind for ever and ever..Love you so much dear.

When he returned home I showed him the books.I was jumping with excitement.He then said that the techincal book is for me to study and gain knowledge and the the other two books are my Christmas gift .He asked me if I like the gift and I just could not say anything.Just smiled.And the return gift that he got was kisses and a nice head massage.We both then slept fully contened.

God thank you for making him my life partner.He means the world to me.**Anti Jinx**


13 thoughts on “My Santa :-)

    • Arre head massage diya na with bajaj almond oil :-)btw I am only such precious gift for him what else can he ask for hehehe.

      But plz suggest me something na,what gift/surprise should i give him?
      Mail me ok..and you got that UID thing done..In my office they have set up a counter where they are accepting forms and doing eye and fingre print scan.You can come here and get it done,let me know ok

  1. Arre RM I chose background as black to have a better feel of snow fall.Abhi white background per snow dikh nahi raha tha…But now to accept it hoenstly even I am not able to view anything on my blog šŸ˜¦ *ok you can laugh at me*
    Today evening itself I’ll change ok..and aap blind nahi ho just that aapka and mera eye sight week hai,only difference being you use specs and I use lens šŸ™‚

  2. Wowwwwww dats very sweet of him… God U guess my hubby should meet urs to learn some ways to surprise me with gifts…He is a darling but a complete flop when it comes to surprise me!! šŸ˜„

    You should defenetley give him nice return gifts too!! I know u hv given the massage, U know wat I do?? I give him the head massage regularly n collect my Pocket Money!! (Actually it goes to the Piggy bank from where we take out money for something special, A dinner/A gift for us etc…)

    • Ya after reading all comments I realize I should gift him something but what I am not able to decide.Help me na plz.
      I so liked the concept of collecting money and then enjoying it on dinner and like,cute that is šŸ™‚

  3. Wow Garima! Thats such a suuper surprise gift rey! So much Awww! to this post.

    Why why why didnt you get him to Seema’s house rey?I would’ve seen if any of that hubby niceness would’ve rubbed off on mine too!!

  4. And I was wondering if Abbas and your hubby could impress mine and teach him to take care of kids..he is so reluctant to look afetr kids and says in future also will never change diaper of the kids and like šŸ™‚
    Dont worry RS we will soon meet up once again ok?

  5. Hey! Even my hubby was scared of kids – I told you na how he ran away from a baby? But once you have one of your own and he has no choice he wil also learn-so dont think about that at all… But romance? Sigh! Thats something that cant be taught na??

  6. Just read your comment on RM’s blog that you completed 7 years of married life and I have completed 7 months na isley romance abhi fresh hai…aage aage dekho kya hota hai :-)Till 1 year every husband I guess is romantic aur fir uske baad sara excitement disappear ho jata hai šŸ™‚

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