Joke time :-)

Disclaimer:The below discussion really happened but please take it lighlty.We do not intend to hurt anyone or humiliate any nation.

In office we were working on a web application which is time zone dependent.So other than India the application would also support UK and UAE timings.Now since there is a time zone difference of 5 1/2 hours India being aheahd of UK we were facing issuse (lets not get into what exactly the issues were).Had India be behind UK this issue would have not occured.

We were dicussing this and I said Asian countries like Pakistan and Thailand are ahead of India by 1/2 and 1 1/2 hours respectivley.One of my teammate was not sure if Pak is really ahead.

He:No Pak is behind us

Me:Arre nahi they are ahead of us by 1/2 hour

And then we kept discussing who is ahead of whom and when he realized that he was wrong he quickly made up this story

He:Oh ya ,you are right.Pak is NOW ahead of us

Me:And what do you mean by NOW ahead?

He:Previously Pak was behind us but Mr.Parvez Mussharaff being one jealous fellow thought how can Pak be behind India in any aspect.Sun has to rise early and our day should start early than India.

He was so serious and convincing in saying this,for a moment all of us stayed quite and then suddenly roar of laughter πŸ™‚

He:You know which date Pak celebrate their Independence day?

We:14th August

He:Correct but after Independence they used to celebrate it on 16th Aug but when India decided to celebrate it on 15th then again they became jealous of we being ahead.So they preponed it to 14th August πŸ™‚

Another round of laughter.

This guy is from Karnataka and claims that we scored 97% in hindi in 10th std.So he wanted me to test his hindi.I asked him to write ‘rashtriya’ in hindi.Surprisingly half the spelling was correct but then second half letters that he wrote do not even exist in hindi πŸ™‚

Then I aksed him to write Srinivas in hindi i knew he would get confused with the sound ‘sh’.There are two different letters in hindi which sound as ‘sh’ and one letter which sound ‘shr’.He was not aware of this ‘shr’ thing in hindi.With much thought he wrote ‘sh’ and then ‘ra’ with matras here and there.

Me:Arre not this ‘sh’ you have to use ‘shr’ .(I wrote and showed to him)

He:Arre I know this ‘shr’ but you know what these days they have removed ‘shr’ from the hindi set of alphabets .Its not used any more.

Me (speechless):You are genious

He:Yeah I know

me:Grrrr…why did I even asked you to write?If I check your 10 spellings in hindi them I am sure to forget this language forever and ever

He simply grins and we left office for the day all smiling πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Joke time :-)

    • Your dad or wait let me call uncle,somehow this ‘your dad’ thing looks very rude to me..
      Uncle is so cute ,RM plz along with Rictionary sometime publish Dadictionay also na πŸ™‚

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