W3 blogger meet :-)

Wow what a wonderful blogger meet that was.Saturday night I got a call from Seema and we decided to meet.Generous soul that she is,she opened her door for us and invited us to her place.The best part was the way Mantam spoke to me and asked me to come was way too sweet and there was no chance one could deny to these cute little dolls.They even played some music on their musical cycle for me to hear on phone 🙂

With lot of planning and phone calls later we decided to meet on sunday at around 3PM

After changing two buses I reached a place where summerscript was waiting for me.Poor girl she stood there and waited for me patiently.Thanks dear 🙂 and yes as Seema says you have beautiful eyes.

We took a rick from there and reached Seema’s place.It was a nice cosy flat with walls being beautified with Seema’s art.We were welcome by the most gorgeous host and two little angels.Abbas was busy fixing the microwave as it broke down and I sent some secret prayer to almighty to fix the said oven so that we get to eat some yummy cake baked by Seema 🙂

Meanwhile we played with Mantam.Such lovely kids they are.They showed us all their book and toys and I even got a free health check up from them :-).The kids taught us alphabets and danced on ‘Sheela ki jawani’ and ‘All is well’ and my god what beautiful dancers they are.

Time just flew with mantam and before we could realize it was good one hour that we spent.And then came the lovely RS with most adorable Chutku.Just one look at Chutku and you are sure to fall in love with him :-)He noticed a a bandage on my toe and kept asking ,’What is this’ :-)The way he asked was too cute.

And them came the delicious choclate brownie and yummy dhaiwada ,some more snacks and tea.Yeah I know all the ladies out there feeling ‘J’ 🙂

We shamelessly kept stuffing ourselves and not just that we even book brownie and dahiwada parceled too 🙂

While returning RS and her hubby offered to drop me at the bus stop and summerscript to her place.Thanks guys it was really sweet of you.

Reached home and offered the brownie and dahiwada to hubbby and he licked off everyting in a jiffy enjoying every bite 🙂 Seema he has become your bigtime fan.

And finally thank you everyone for making this blogger meet successful.And special thanks to Seema,Abaas and the kids you guys rock!!!


17 thoughts on “W3 blogger meet :-)

  1. Gah! I am so so jealous..wrote a lenghty jealous wala comment on Seema’s blog..and now writing here as well..JEALOUS okie 🙂

    Great you all got to meet 🙂

  2. yayay RM aap jealous ho maza aaya maza aaya,kidding 🙂
    You come to blore na we are planning to have next blog meet at my place and you are most welcome.

  3. What?? You were shamelessly stuffing yourself?? You asked for just 1 Dahi Vada… hmpf!

    Your hubby has become my fan? *blushes*

    Hey, thanks so much for coming. I know you had to change buses and take all the trouble to come. We really had a great time.

  4. Ya I agree I had 1 dahivada but got so many of them parceled ,right?
    oh common there was no trouble at all coming and I had great time meeting you all.
    Looking forward for next blogger meet 🙂

  5. Wow! Garima – It was so nice to meet you and I will let Chutku know that he has a fan in you 😀 It would’ve been great to spend some more time with you all but – next time 🙂 Lovely post-I think I will not even put a post on this!! Between you and Seema you have written everything 🙂

  6. Thanks RS and I have fallen in love with your son :-)Yeah sure we will plan for next meet at my place and all you pretty ladies come early ok?
    Even you do some post na will love to read your version of our meeting 🙂

  7. Errr. I am so jealous.. I am not going to take breaks anymore. See what and all is happening when I go on a break. If I had known you guys are meeting, inbetween the honeymoon trip I would have included bangalore too.. Err again ..

  8. We dint want you to disturbe you at your honeymoon and then get kicked by AV 🙂 Chill dear next time whenever you come to bangalore we will arrange a blogger meet in your honour,now smile please 🙂

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