And we are fined …. :-(

After loosing/reapplying/finding back the lost lisence saga I decided I should go to ofice on my bike so as to make some use of my lisence.And boy what a good use I made 🙂

On one cloudy morning I took my dear activa hopped myself on it and off I went.I was enjoying the ride the pleasant weather and the cool breeze wow it was complete bliss.I reached office parked my darling at a place where it (she/he I dont know) can feel comfortable 🙂 and requested the security gurad to put it on main stand.

I reached my desk and informed all my teamates proudly how safely I drove and how much I enjoyed driving.During lunch I went and checked my ‘dil ka tudka’ and it was safe and sound 🙂

In the evening I hopped on to it once again to go home.I was enjoying and singing to myself.I took a left turn and I realized that there was something wrong with the road.All the vehicles were coming from opposit direction and infact the vehicles that were parked were also facing that direction.I thought may be this road is one way and will ask hubby once I reach home.By this time I had reached the end of the road and took a neat left and bangged into the traffic policeman.He stopped me ,I did and he informed me that it was one way and that I am fined.

Much pleading from my side but of no use .I informed him that I dint knew it was one way and all that and in return he informed that if I want to stay in Bangalore then I have to know all the roads (that was kinda rude ;-( )

I was asked to show him my lisence I did that and was smiling you know that ‘mam man mein muskarana’ as I thought I have finally made use of my lisence 🙂 I paid him the fine of 100 Rs/- 😦 . Reached home and informed hubby as expected was greeted with lecture on how I should be carefull and all that.

But wait couple of days back even he was fined of speaking on phone while driving and when I was informed I just smiled and said ‘Its ok baby next time be careful’ and when I did mistake I am getting bashed up.Thats definitley not fair.Anyways I’ll take my ‘badla’.I will give him ‘eet ka jawab patthar se’ 🙂

Then on weekend hubby parked his car in ‘NO PARKING ZONE’ and then obviously again a fine of 100 Rs/- .Worst of all he knew it was no parking area but saw lot many cars parked there and so even he parked it there.When he informed me suddenly there was a role reversal and this time he was on the receving end :-)I made the best use of this oppurtunity and blasted him left and right,oh how could I miss the chance 🙂 .It was perfect ‘Chance pe dance’ moment.

Badla taken and now I can live happily ever after 🙂

But I seriously hope we are done with paying fines and wish ourselves ‘Happy Driving’!!!



16 thoughts on “And we are fined …. :-(

  1. Arre I dint know the routes.So thought bus would be better 🙂
    I have written a post on our yest meeting but not able to post,login to wordpress is blocked 😦

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