T-3 (Train Travel Tale)

Couple of years back me along with my parents were travelling to Nagpur.We reached the Bhopal railway station to catch the train and realized that it has been delayed by 2 hours owing to the heavy fog in Delhi (that was in January).We were waiting  patiently when there was an announcement “Kripya dhyan de gadi no.**** apne nirdharit samay se 5 ghante deri se chal rahi hai”. Our heart sank to know that the train was 5 hours late.

One of my dad’s friend (Uncle D) in railway department was appointed there.We spoke to him if we could get reservation in some other train.He said that there is one super express train coming in another 20 min,we could board that but an additional 20 Rs/- per passenger (surcharge)would be required because our ticket was of a passenger train.

All this conversation took 10 minutes,time was flying and we just had 10 minutes to cross two platforms stand in queue,get the ticket and come back and catch the train.

Now my father is not in a healthy state to do so much physical exertion,so mum decided to go with dad’s friend and collect the ticket.

 So off she went with uncle D and we (dad and me) waited for the train.As soon as the train arrived we were in two minds to get into the train or not as mom had not returned (and she had the tickets to be upgraded from passenger to express train).We finally decided to get into the train and wait till mom returns.If she is able to return in time well and good else we will get down the train.

 And then suddenly train started moving…….what wait stop the train mom has not returned,thought I.Dad thinking arre roko meri biwi station per reh gayi 🙂

Amidst of all this confusion dad decided to get (read jump) off the train with all the luggage.

Imagine a situation train is moving slowly dad shouting lets get off the train and I shouting no dad we cant jump—All other passengers staring at us and thinking either its some movie shooting for Bhopal Doordarshan or we were crazy daddy daughter duo 🙂

Finally something clicked me and I just went and pulled the chain to stop the train (wow that rhymes:-))

 And withing seconds the train stopped.Dad got surprised and thought finally the railway heard his heart’s vocie of his wife being left behind at the station 🙂

He looked at me and said:arre train ruk gayi!!!

Me:(smiling) Yeah I know coz I pulled the chain

He:What??? (he was shell shocked and did not how to react :-))

 In no time Police force came and enquiries were made as to who pulled the chain.Everyone looked at me and I accepted it.They asked me to get down from the train .I obliged and questions were fired at me as to why I pulled the chain.I got scared and spoke some gibberish and managed to inform them that I knew Uncle D.I saw mom coming from one direction and Uncle D from other.But wait they both went together I was expecting them to come from same direction.Uncle D spoke to them and they allowed us to board the train.

 In the train:

Mom:What made you pull the chain?

Me: arre what else would I have done.You dint come back

Mom:So what you could have travelled with dad

Me:But you had the tickets


Me:But how come you came from other direction and Uncle D from other?

Mom(laughing):Arre as soon as I reached here the train started moving so I got into the compartment which was in front of me and thought I would walk through all the compartments and reach you people and uncle D went to his cabin (yeah I agree mom is smart)

Me:Oh,we dint see you in our compartment so we pulled the chain 🙂

 After some time two guards came and took us to the superintendent(S) who had a cabin booked int the train.


Me:Sorry Sir I dint get you


Me(after realizing that it is some south indian language):Sorry Sir I do not understand  south indian languages.

S:ok,do you understand english?

Me (thinking dint I speak the above two sentences in english?still he is asking if I understand english):Yes Sir

S:So why did you pull the chain.

Me:My mom was left behind ,she could not get in ,so I pulled the chain.

S:But pulling chain is illegal

Me:Yes sir I know but the situation was such that there was no other option than to pull the chain.

S:But then its a crime and it should not be used.

Me(irritated):If it is a crime and should not be used then why has railway provided this option?

S:Oh so now you are asking ‘ME’ questions.

Me:I tried explaining you by giving answers.You did not understand ,so I thought I’ll explain it to you by asking questions.

S (with a confused look):What?

Me:Nothing Sir,forget it.

S:Ok you can go but next time dont get into the train if your mom is not able to get in.And if you do then get down before the train starts,ok?

Me:Yes Sir. (now pulling his leg) What if dad is in the train and mom is on the platform then what should I do?

S:(scratching his head) What?

Me:Nothing Sir,I’ll not repeate the mistake


 And with this ladies and gentlemen we became the STAR (entertainer) of the day,with every other co-passenger and vendor asking us to narrate the entire story 🙂



11 thoughts on “T-3 (Train Travel Tale)

  1. ROFL on the conversation with S. What a dumbo he was eh? You were right, if it’s illegal, why has Railways provided that option at all in the first place? S reminds me of a quote: “It’s better to keep you mouth shut and let others think that you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it”

  2. suuper. And so true na. These people think they can scare you by telling you things like illegal and all but looks like you fooled him nicely 🙂

  3. That was a risky situation, but looking back any thing that happens on an Indian railway is something always memorable.
    Come to think of it, its a long time since I traveled in a train.

  4. Hey Joe thanks for commenting and welcome here.
    Yeah indeed they are memorable.This event occured around 6-7 yeras back and I still remember it so clearly 🙂
    Apologies for delayed reply.

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