They Need to Grow up….

I went to the water filter and returned back only to find my cell phone missing from my desk…I mean dint I get this smart phone 15 days back from hubby as gift and can i really afford to loose it?

Anyways panick strikes me and I run to the reception and request him to inform the securities on all 6 floor and  pantary in basement too.In the meanwhile I thought of searching in the loo but no luck to find there.I franatically run towards the filter again to recheck and then run back to the desk to check if  I might have kept it in my bag…But no, cell phone was not to be found anywhere 😦

 Meanwhile a colleague of mine found me running crazy here and there.She asked me what the issue was (may be she thought i was fired with the way i ran all around :-)),I informed her of the unfortunate incidence that took place.She looked all upset,sympathised with me and then suddenly a bulb moment for her :

 She:Hey I left my blackberry at my desk

Me:Oh run run before it disappears from your desk

She:Oh yes,you too come along,the admin team sits there we’ll inform them


 So the two of us reach at her desk and luckily her blackberry was to be found at its place.We then went to the admin team (AT)

 Me:I lost my cellphone from my desk blah blah

AT:Oh is it?

They called on my number and it was ringing.

By then it was 2:30 good half an hour of loosing the cell.

 AT:Lets go to panatry all office boys are having their lunch and check with them

And so all three of us 2 AT and yours truly went there to enquire.The office guys refused to have any clue.And AT kind of threatend them to tell the truth or else there will be actions taken against them.Poor office guys were scared and I felt bad for them.

 We informed one of the HR’s too and the usual question if I suspected anyone were asked.

 HR:were any office boys there when you lost the phone


HR:Lets ask them

Me and AT:we already did that and they have no clues about it

HR:Was anyone else there,think may be some system admin

Me:Yes two of them were there.They were installing MySQL in one of the systems

AT:oh come then lets check with them

 We enquired (read accused) the same from system admins.They too said they had no clues and I again felt guilty as we were doubting the innocnet people.

Finally we decided to go back to my seat and check there

By then my cubicle mates returned.I asked them.One of them was clueless.The other lady ‘V’ said ‘R'(another cubicle mate) has hid it just to play a prank .Everybody sighed with relief,except me.I was furious.

 Me:How could he do that,play a prank for 1 1/2 hour and here I am troubling everyone .From admin team to system admin to HR to office boys

Where is he?I need to speak to him

V:He has already left for the day.

That was it I lost my calm and gave a lecture to no one in particular on corporate ethics and professionalism,only to realize that the cuplrit was not present then why am I shouting on innocent people 🙂

Anyways I apologized to the admin team for wasting their time and the inconvenience caused.I rather felt very embarrasing.Later when one of the office boy (OB) came to clear off the cups from our desk, he asked if i had got back my cell.I replied in affirmative feeling little awkward to which he said:

OB (with his limited knowledge of hindi):kya madam nahi milta to humara naukri jata


OB:dhyan dene ka na ,mera naam kharab hota

Me:sorry bhaiya (not able to look into his eyes)

OB:(in kannada) parvailla madam.


And so after searching crazy for more than a hour troubling everyone and then getting embarrased I find a prank has been played.

But my concern is,was this prank justified ?Doesnt it give an impression that we cannot trust people around us.Infact R has previously also tried to flick my sodexho meal coupon (may be just playfully,not sure) but I caught him and saved my sodexho.

 What is needed is to bring in little more maturity and to leave school/college days behind.

There is a serious need to Grow Up.

 Well I have become careful and learnt my lesson and even other too have learnt theirs.

 PS:The above mentioned person is my senior which is why I was more mad ,had it be done by juniors who are fresh from college this act could be still ok though not appreciated .




12 thoughts on “They Need to Grow up….

  1. I would have been OK with such a prank for a few mins. I would have even been OK with involving other people. What I can’t get behind is that he went home 😯 and that too without telling you were the phone was. That is just pure wrong and falls way outside anything known as prank. Stupid guy 😡

  2. prank for few mins is ok, but for hours and when so many other people are getting involved or accused, it crosses the boundary of prank..and this guy left office for the day…idiot…but if I was HR involved, since the threat was made to OBs, I would’ve made the same threat to this guy…..because it was no longer a prank….

    seriously people need to grow up

  3. I understand how tensed you must have been. We tend to build a love relationship even if they are just some objects. I cried when my previous phone broke.

    And playing prank is OK if its done for few mins . But there are some limits na.Obviously every one knows how it will be to lose a costly phone .How can he just take it and go home. Definitely no grown up does that.
    I feel sorry for the office boys and admin team.

  4. How could he leave for home after hiding the phone? That’s plain ridiculous. Playing pranks in office is also fine with me. But he should learn to understand the point at which prank is no more serving its purpose.

    I feel sorry for the housekeeping guys, coz they always have to face ire for things that they are nowhere related to. Infact, the scrutiny that they undergo during entry and exit is quite strict in most organizations.

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