Life – A beautiful Gift!!!


It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up — that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had : Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

One morning in 2008 I along with my office teammates went toHoggenekalFalls(Tamil Nadu) Needless to say we had loads of fun there.To cut the long story lets come to the main point.

There is this place in the falls area where the boatman would leave you to play in the shallow waters.We were enjoying ourselves suddenly a girl (P) slipped and fell she asked me to help her get up.I lend my hand to her but somehow I too slipped.Now though water is shallow here (not even the knee level) we just could not get up as water went into our nose blocking the nasal cavity.The water seems still from above but underneath it has flowing currents.

And before we could realize both of us just went with the water flow.Both of  us not knowing to swim.I fell with my head down and she fell on her back.Somehow she got hold of my leg.The moment I felt the grip on my leg I was kind of relieved and I like a nuts started to call her name .Now stupid me dint even think that opening mouth in water will further worsen the situation plus sound will not travel in water.

The more I tried to shout more the amount of water went in making me go unconscious slowly.I soon realized I am gonna die.Suddenly a guilt striked me and I thought how would my mum react when she will get the news of my demise and how much would she cry.I really dont know what happened to me but thereafter I tried my best to save myself but failed miserably.At this point I gave all hopes and just thought “Why God why me??’ (call me selfish or whatever but I really wanted to live for the sake of my mum).Thats it after that I hardly remember anything just a faint memory of P letting go my leg and I moved with even more force and drowned………..


After few seconds I realized I was on hard surface and could hear teammates voices.Slowly I did regain my consciousness but could not remember what happened or how was I saved.

It seems my teamates were playing and suddenly they realized that few (3-4)of us were missing.They thought we must have  been playing elsewhere or must have gone for a walk,when sudenly they saw white coloured cloth floating.As soon as they realized that it was P panic striked them.We had two females from Manilla who had accompanied us and one of them knew  swiming.She jumped into water swam and reached to where P was and grabbed hey by her waist and dragged her towards the edge from where another guy  helped to take P come out of water.As soon as she out she just murmured my name and cried loads (may she thought I am gone).It was then they realized that even I was getting drowned.

Little background:As soon as Gemma (Manila girl) pulled P,she let go my leg and this made me go forward  with double force and into deeper waters which finally made me unconscious.

Gemma had to swim into deep waters and grabbed me  and tried to swim.But  I was heavier than P and Gemma could not drag me.She somehow managed to wave her hand and call our teammates for help.She with lot of efforts brought me to the a level where water for a guy with 5’10 height would reach little above his waist level.One of my teammate Ro got into the water and waded to the point where we were and helped Gemma pull me out of the water.Let me tell you this guy Ro has some problem with his legs still ignoring that he helped me .

When I realized that I have been saved I just couldnt believe my luck I called up my mom and started crying endlessly.She obviously got scared and started crying without even knowing why was I crying :-).My manager then spoke to my family and assured them that I was fine.I was so upset and everyone tried to cheer me up.They called my friends in my PG and informed them about the incidence and also asked them to arrange dinner for me as it would get little late by the time we reach (it was saturday weekly off for the hostel mess).

I reached PG and my friends had ordered my favorite Garlic Bread from dominos to cheer me up:-)

I was informed that mum kept crying and I was asked to come home immediatley.My manager kind enough granted me the leave and for a change I did get the confirmed train reservation.As the train reached Bhopal I felt so guilty to make my mum suffer so much.I wanted to go back and did not want to meet her.When I finally got down at the station I just could not look into her eyes just hugged her and cried loads.Dad couldnt speak , his eyes were moist.

I learnt an important lesson that to enjoy the life to fullest.We are been blessed with such a beautiful life and instead of cribbing about stuff around its better if we could learn to appreciate things around us and live each moment.Life is too short and is very unexpected lets not waste it in hatred,ill feelings and cursing ,instead try and live a harmonious life with love and peace around us.

Also how meaningless are the materiaistic possession that we have.Its only the love of people around us which makes our life beautiful and gives a meaning to it.Had I died that day all the money and other stuff that I possess would be of no use to anyone so better to enjoy while one could.Make donations let that homeless child smile.Buy him a small toy or a notebook or just a packet of biscuits.Donate in old age homes let that unknown granny’s eye sparkle to see her favourite dish.Lets spend sometime with that grandpa there and let him bless us.Lets donate musical instruments to a blind school and help them to set up their own career.

I sincerely thanks all those people who gave me another chance to live.Specially P, Gemma and Ro guys you have given me a new life I’ll be forever indebted to you.

A special thanks to my PG friends who tried to pep me up and made me laugh they said, “Agar tu mar jati to kitna confusion hota ..tujhe cremate kahan karte tu to pani mein beheke Karnataka border aa jati per ideally to tu mari Tamil Nadu mein.Plus Madhya Pradesh wale bolte ki tu unke state se hai tujhe wahan cremate karna chaiye,atleats tu marne ke baad popular ho jati and national news mein aa jati” 🙂


Thank you God for making such wonderful people part of my life.They add colours to my life!!!


14 thoughts on “Life – A beautiful Gift!!!

  1. I got goosebumps reading this.. I couldn’t wait to read till the point that you were safe.. yes indeed life is so beautiful and thanks a bunch for reminding it yet again through this post.. If I may can I please share this link with some of my friends for them also to appreciate the value of beautiful gift called life?
    a big hug coming your way and your friends who saved you hats off to all of them..

  2. OMG, I had goosebumps while I read this post.

    Loved the lesson of life you deduced from this incident. Very true.

    LOL on what you PG friends told you… Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!

  3. Trust me RM after that trip I have gone into waters several time(Mumbai Beach,Thailand Beach,Shivsamundram Falls) but that incidence still scares me a lot 😦
    Yeah Seema has amazing sense of humour 🙂

  4. omg, how scary…..
    And I agree, life is a gift but we seem to forget that……I once had a scare of brain tumor and I kept thinking about my family and what to do to help them……

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