And I take her for granted :-(

I am the only daughter of my parents.I mean I do have two elder brothers but have always missed having a sister.I studied in a girls school where my classmates would have lunch with their younger/elders sisters in the same school and it  made me long for a sister. My mum came to know how badly I miss having a sister since then she has played multiple role of a sister,a friend,a guide and ofcourse a mother.

During my teenages I grew closer to my mum and shared all secrets with her,you know those girlie talks 🙂 Yeah I was that close to her and she gave me such comfortable zone that I could I disclose all my secrets to her 🙂 She would take it very sportingly and would explain matters to me keeping all her calm.So in a age when girls turn away from their moms and keep away secrets I was the one who would gladly speak to her and take her guidance whenever needed.

 In my family my mum has always been in a better health **anti jinx**  as compared to my dad.My dad is a heart patient .We have always seen my mom stand strong and has been our rock support.She was the one who took a decision of taking my dad to Apollo Hospitals,Chennai for heart related issues.My dad used to sleep early after taking medicines which left  mom to sit with us for our stuides and handle all our school related stuff.

 6 years back when my elder brother got married mum equally shouldered the responsibilty along with dad.At times she did more than dad as we never wanted to exert dad physically nor mentally.

Later coz of all the tensions that my mum underwent she was diagnosed with blood sugar.It was that time when I realized all these years I have never seen her fall sick.And today she is having this sugar problem.I kinda broke down but still mum stood strong and cheered us all.

 Still everyone in my family (including me) would call and ask about my dad’s health,nobody even bothers to ask how mom is probably coz she is always smiling and never let us know her ailments.Everyday when I call I would ask if dad is fine and I would hardly ask her about her health and would assume she would be fine.

 During our childhood my dad would be more worried about the health of his kids.A slight sneeze and cough from our side would worry him to no end.But somehow even he failed to check with mum’s health. He thought if she falls sick who would take care of his darling kids.My mom kept all of us above everything and ignored her health.At times when my dad would ask her to take care of her health she would laugh and say ,‘Arre mein to super strong woman hoon,mujhe kuch nahi hota’

 Last weekend conversation with my mil made me realize how for granted I take my mom.The conversation with mil went as follows:

 MIL:mummy papa se baat ho gayi?


MIL:kya kar rahi thi mummy?

Me:Bas aise hi TV dekh rahi thi.

MIL:tabiyat theek hai unki

Me:oh mein to poochna hi bhool gayi 😦

MIL:hmm,papa ki tabiyat kaisi hai?

Me:Papa theek hai.

MIL:hmm,accha hai.


I then realized that I spoke to my mum for some 40 minutes and not even once I asked her if she is fine? How easily I ignored her .

 She is the one who always stands by my side.Be it encouraging me to do better in academics/career or how to be a better dil.She was the one who encouaged me to go forward ,be independent and make a stand of my own when I completely thought of giving up owing to the eve teasing I suffered in my hometown.She is my guiding lamp and I turn towards her whenever I need her but still I always ignore her health.

 And as I type this dad informed me she has sprained her back yet again coz of slip disc,he was very worried.This inforamtion also she dint tell me even though I spoke to her for 20 minutes.

Its heart warming to see how my dad  now takes care of his darling wife. As he is free of his responsibilties he gives all his time to his wife 🙂 Every month he visits laboratory to  get her blood  sugar level tested without fail and makes sure she takes her medicines on time.And my mum still is always busy taking care of dad’s health,yeah she’ll never change 🙂


They are seriously made for each other type of a couple :-)touch wood!!!I just pray to God to give her good health and long and happy life.

 For some reason the above post made me all teary eyed 😦




8 thoughts on “And I take her for granted :-(

  1. A heart felt note from a loving daughter…I found myself relating to almost every instance you quoted.
    Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to your mum…hope she returns to her energetic, healthy self soon.

  2. Kala tikka on the made-for-each-other couple. Hope she recovers soon.

    Moms are always taken or granted. We children only realize her value when we move away from home…

  3. It is not easy to see our parents age and not be the picture of good health we remember them as. Sending wishes out for your Mum and Dad. May the love and care stay. And yeah parents are a blessing so do keep checking on both of them. 🙂

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