My love affair (Pre and post marriage and for ever and ever)!!!

The memory lane takes me 5 years back when I first came to Bangalore and met MD…
Boy it was love at first sight….My first crush,it was like dream come true.The perfect built and
sensual looks just swapped me off my feet.
I was introduced to MD through my office colleagues…
When I got to hold hands with MD my heart skipped a multiple beats..I realized I have fallen in
love but then thought it might be just an infatuation and the spark will soon go off..
Alas I was wrong.Every weekend MD’s thought would sail through my mind.I realized I was
getting more and more attached and wanted to know everything about MD.One of my colleague
told me that MD was from South India.
One fine day collecting all my courage I called my mom and informed her about my this South
Indian love affair..My mom laughed at me and thought I have gone crazy.But I was determined
and my consistent persuasion made mom and dad come to Bangalore to meet MD.
We went to Shanti Sagar to meet MD and in the mean while ordered some food.

After 15 minutes came MD…My heart went ooohh lala!!!!
I immediately jumped and hugged MD much to my parents surprise…Ignoring everything I simply
started gulping MD down my throat….Confused??? (Plz do not re-read as u have correctly read I
indeed stared eating MD) Still wondering….

Well MD is our very own ‘Masala Dosa’. Just Few morsel of MD made me drool all over once again.

The crisp masala dosa along with kinda sweet sambhar is my all time favorite.The red chutney
on dosa is just mind blowing…To say I am a die heart fan of Masala Dosa wouldnt be wrong.

So why this post and drama?
When I was in PG (before marriage) every saturday the mess had a weekly off…needless to
say I always wanted to eat masala dosa.My friends got bugged off me as they wanted to have
authentic North Indian food atleast once a week.In office my breakfast was mostly Masala
Dosa and sometimes omelet bread or sandwich.My friends started teasing me saying that I have
become ‘Madrasi’and dat I have started loving ‘their’ food (I have no idea how liking a particular
food will make me belong to that region and even if it does why am I looked upon as if I have
done some crime.Pheww such arguments are beyond my understanding.)

6 months back when I got married my husband came to know my this love affair πŸ™‚
He kindly obliged to my liking and made sure I am fed masala dosa atleat once a week.
He feels I am addicted to it just like a person who is addicted to drugs and depriving me on
masala dosa will result into adverse situation πŸ™‚

And it was yesterday my weekly qouta of Masala Dosa.My stomach was all full still I insisted on
eating the dosa.Hubby thought I would leave it half eaten as I was already full and remaining
dosa will satisfy his taste buds.But he was so wrong ,I gulped down the entire dosa in a jiffy and
husbad looked at me and the plated mouth wide open πŸ™‚

He thought I am really crazy about this dish and should blog abt it.Hence the birth of this post!!!


4 thoughts on “My love affair (Pre and post marriage and for ever and ever)!!!

  1. Hehe… Until you said you started eating it, I couldn’t guess you were talking about Masala Dosa!

    You live in Bangalore na? Come home sometime, will make MD for you πŸ˜€

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