Food v/s Food

People in my hometown warned me of (good) food availability ever since I was to move to Bangalore.The well meaning aunties and uncles whose kids were already in Bangalore told me their kids have lost weight because of nonavailabilty of food.It made me wonder if Bangalore was some barren land or some isolated place.I was thin and they told me I am likely to loose more weight and become weak.(For all those welllwishers of mine,let me tell u in 5 years here in banaglore I have gained some 8 kgs).

I used to have breakfast and lunch in office itself and thats how I was introduced to masala
dosa.Slowly when I got bugged of eating same northindian and chineese food in office I slowlymoved to andhra mini meals.I would be honest here and accept that I couldnt take a liking to it.I then tried variety of rice viz vangi bath,bisi bele bath,puliyogare and must admit they were most yummilicously cooked.I also got to taste the rava idli and kharabath and believe me they are most tasty and healthy breakfasts.

People in north crib about how southindians eat only rice but they are not aware of the wide
variety of rice dishes that can be cooked. Similarliy people in south feel that only food that
northindians eat is wheat and potatoes..One reason may be the availabilty of a particular crop in that part and also the climatic conditions.

Every part of our country comes with its own eating habbits and trust me they all are unique in their own way.So if punjab comes with dal makhani ,makke ki roti sarson ka saag then gujarat comes with its amzaing khakra,khaman and fafra.Rajasthan has it own importance with the use of ghee and their wonderful daal baati churma is unbeatable.

MP has its very famous poha jalebi,puri and aloo ki subzi and samosas.UP’s tikki chat is the best and so is the falooda ice-cream.Bihar has this unique way of using sattoo which help in cooling body and fighting heat.Mahrashtra’s vada pav and bhakarvadi needs no mention.

West Bengal’s sweet dishes are incomparable with it sandesh and other chena sweets

Down south in karnataka the hollige is one of the best sweet dish I ever had.Their akki roti and large variety of dosas and vada are just too tempting.The kamath yatrinivas serves the best food of ragi roti and and brinjal sabzi on banana leaf.

So is andhra with huge variety of chutney and the special ground nut and roasted chana daal powder that goes into every sabzi that they cook.The use of garlic gives this especial taste to their food.

Kerela has always amazed me with their ever green banana chips and sharkarauperi.

Its just ignorance of people staying in one part of the country hence they do not appreciate food from other parts.Some people I have come across are too rigid to even taste food from other part of the country and they feel what they cook is only the best.These people are missing so much.

It is possible that a true authentic food of a particualr region may not be available in other parts but then there is google to help one learn about it.

It is one’s mental block that prevents them from trying and enjoying the dishes which are not
from their native.Every region has its own set of some favorite spices and its ok to customize the dishes using those spices as per your taste.

Its very much acceptable that one may not like a particular cross regional dish but what is wrong is not even trying it.Food is necessary for our survival and taste come secondary and it varies from one family to other leave apart the regions.

One interesting point that I observed is north indians are more inclined in making stuff
parathas with filling of all sorts of vegetables like potato,spinach,cabbage ,cauliflower,onion,mint etc.South indians also use these vegetables but with rice. So the common point is everyone gives importance to the nutrient contents of the veggies just the way they consume it is different.

Concluding my post with wishing you all Bon Appetit!!!

Note:I am a vegetarian (though I eat egg)hence have praised only veg food from all over the
country.No idea of non veg stuff.Secondly there may be some more wonderful dishes from a particular region just that I am not lucky enough to get to taste all those yet.


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