Is it Men,Women….no its the ‘other’ group of the socitey!!!

Imagine a guy in late 20’s along with his newly wed wife,mom and sister travelling in a second class compartment of the train.3 eunuchs come and start touching that guy with words like ‘oye chikne’.The guy obviously gets emabarrased and gives a 10 ruppee note.

They then turned towards the next guy in mid 20’s.When he refused to give any money,these
eunuchs did the unbelievable.One of them lifted his dress and everyone was shocked and
speechless.The guy turned crimson red and just could not react.The co passengers gave money to them and asked them to leave.The guy was still shocked to say anything 😦

The eunuchs have created havoc on the major traffic signals in the city,especially the Sony World Junction (people in bangalore must be knowing).Boys and men are even scared to walk to the signal which is near the bus stop and borad BMTC bus from there.

Couple of years back I had a soft corner for them and would respect them.I would feel sorry for them as the nature has given them such a cruel punishment.Back in my hometown these people would come to ask for money during festivals,when baby was born and marriages.I would gladly give them money.They would come on such auspicious occasion and shower the family members with their blessing and good wishes.It was rather heartning to see that these people themsleves cannot have their own family still bless others whole heartedly and pray for our well being.They our disowned by their own people but still they understand the importance of a family.

The eunuchs are considered as physically weak and cannot be employeed as per govt policy.Its sad to know that the society looks down at them for no fault of theirs.

But later I came to know that this has become a business with large number of people involved in it.Sometime innocent men are kidnapped, operated and turned to eunuchs.Soemtimes the illterate people with the promise of some surgery to cure their ailment also have to go undergo such situations.Worst of all is that some normal people dress up like eunuchs and then harass people for money.

Few months back the local news channel here in banaglore had telecast a rather mind boggling event..A boy of around 14 years was kidnapped and send to Andhra Pradesh where a team of doctors operated on him and changed his sex to a female.
He was sent back to bangalore where in day time he was asked to beg for money and at night to work as a call girl.When this ‘boy turned girl’ was rescued he denied to accept that he once was a boy.He was then sent to child rehabilitation centre and had sessions with physiatric to bring back his identity and his lost confidence.

The nature sometimes does cruelty but then that is beyond our control.We need to respect these people and try and give them equal rights.But what really triggers my anger is when human beings which is suppose to be most intelligent species tries to mess up with the nature’s creation for some money.These fake eunuchs are a threat to the society and some actions must be taken to eradicate them.


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