And they made me bakra….. :-)

I am the youngest in my family both from dad’s as well as mom’s side.Hence was an apple of everyone’s eye.
This particular incidence took place at my mama’s (maternal uncle) place in Nagpur.I was 10 or 11 years old then.
My aunt,cousins,my two elder brothers and mom all of us were sitting and enjoying evening snacks.Suddenly some topic came up about the looks and nature that we kids have inheritated from our parents and grandparents.
Everyone agreed that my 1st brother was dad’s exact replica and second brother was my mom’s xerox.The discussion then shifted on me.(I am actually mixture of my grand ma both maternal and parental and resemble very less to my either parents).None could actually conclude about my resemblance and then suddenly my bro just to tease me said :
Bro 1: since you are neither similar to mon nor dad that means you are an adopted kid and our step sister
Me  : What rubbish ,i am very much ur own sister
Bro 2:Actually all these years we dint tell you the truth
Bro1 : We were playing in the playground and saw you in the heap of garbage.You were crying we took pity and brought you home.Since we were two brothers we always wanted a sister so were happy to get you.
Bro2:That is the reason there is such a huge age gap between you and us (i am younger to them by 8 and 6 years respectively)
Everyone around me agreed to wat bro said and convinced me that i was indeed adopted.
Me (still not agreeing) :If i am adopted why do u send me to good school and get me pretty dresses
Bro2:Thats because we do not differentiate between a girl and boy.And see the difference in our complexion.We are more fairer than you.
Bro 1: We dont have specs neither do our parents have but you have specs
After some 1/2 hr discussion everyone got back to their work but the discussion left a huge impact on me.I was sad and dint speak much to anyone.Mom did notice my change of behaviour but thought i was missing dad as he was in Bhopal that time.
At night my uncle returned home and one look at me he knew something was wrong.
He persuaded me to tell him what the matter was.
Me:mama ji u know i am not mom dad’s real daughter
Uncle (thinking i have gone crazy):what??
Me:They adopted me as they had no daughter of their own (and narrated the above discussion)
Uncle:Oh no darling u are very much ours and part of our family
Me (crying): no u are lying i want to call dad and fight with him ,why dint he tell me the truth.
Hearing this everybody had a fit of laughter and i cried even more.Uncle then pacified me and made everyone apologize.
It was rather tough for them to convince me that I am their own sister 🙂
(Beleving the truth is difficult but beleving what is not true is far more easy,thats how life is!!!)
Till date my brothers (and now bhabhis) make fun of me and now even my hubby joins them in pulling my leg 🙂


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