Tales of online booking …….

 One fine evening I returned back from office to see hubby waiting for me anxiously.

This is how the conversation went:

 He (looking all happy and excited):baby i am going to give u a surprise,wanted to keep it a secret ,just dat couldnt digest but wen i give u plz pretend to be surprised ok?

Me:Oh gr8!!after telling this u expect to react as if i have been surprised,how dumb is dat?

He:Arre to isse mein prblem kya hai..anyways now u guess wo surpise kya hai?

Me:Ok now if u can stop this drama and tell me  wat is it?

He:It will come to u in some 15 days and u wanted it badly.

(Aah dis hint made it clear wat it was but wait i am suppose to be surprised)

Me:Oh dear..u gonna get me a bean bag,right?

He:S**t u got it …y did u guess it correctly?

Me:!@$% one crazy man i married

 After 15 days :

Me:hey i was suppose to get a surprise where it it?

He:Oh ya good u reminded,wait i’ll call

 (He calls some conversation done,disconnects the call looking little sad)

 He:Oh this online booking is bulls**t


He:They said it will be delivered next saturday

Me:ok,to ismein problem kya hai,nxt saturday karva chauth hai good i’ll get it dat day na.

 (Some smiles from him)

 Next saturday after waiting for the gift entire day on empty stomach:

 Me:Where is my gift..i think u dint even book it 😦

He:No no i swear i booked it..they messed it

 (Again some calls hubby giving big time lecture to the vendor,nothing helped so he calls snap deal from where he booked it)

 He (repeating the above gyan):something on customer staisfaction blah blah..

 (After some 10 minutes of heated conversation)

 He:Ok cancel the deal and return my money.I am never ever going book thru snapdeal again and will never recommend others

 (he disconnects the call and turn to me)

Me(open motuh and staring him):how dare u cancel the deal,u dont love me anymore so u dint want to spend money (one drama queen that I am)

He:Arre after fasting for the whole day for me end of the day u are cursing

Me:So wat do u expect me to do?

He:They said they will deliver it by wednesday ,if not then they will cancel the deal.We’ll go and get the bean bag directly from the shop



Wednesday evening:

 He:I called them ,they apologized and have canceled the deal,they will refund our money

Me:silence from my side just glares him

 Thursday evening:

 He:baby i again have a surprsie for u

Me:oh plz i dont want any more surpsies

 (He steps out into the balcony makes some calls and comes back)

 At 8:30 PM,door bell rings,i open the door.

 Some guy:Is Mr.lamp there?

Me:Yes (Hubby comes talks to him,give him money and he goes off)

He:Baby see camel coloured bean bag for you.

Me:(Looks at the bean bag and then looks at him and then suddenly jumps at him) oh baby i love u,thank you so much.

I then plonked myself on the bean bag looking all happy and smiling after all I have really been surprsied 🙂

Peace now prevails and we live happily ever after 🙂



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