Goofiness of RTO officers..Eeeerrr….my goofiness!!!

Curtain up:

Scene 1:Morning 8AM at home

I am getting ready to leave for office and packing the stuffs in my bag & I realize my wallet is missing.I ask my mil she has no clues.Thought that may be hubby took it to take money and must have left it somewhere (which is impossible,anyways i was trying to find a bakra on whom i could put the entire blame of misplacing my wallet).Anyways waiting for him to return back (he had gone to get milk).I ask him and he gives me a have_u_lost_ur_mind_why_will_i_take_ur_wallet look.Anyways so all three of us start on a mission to search the lost wallet but the effort goes futile.

Scene 2:Morning 10 AM in office

I make franatic calls to all the banks to block the cards.I realize  I have too many cards where in I hardly have any money,aah show off u see,paise nahi hai to kya hua cards to hai :-)Suddenly something strikes me oh i also had driving liscence and pan card in my wallet.But wait a minute why was I carrying DL i dont drive here in bangalore.One crazy girl/woman that I am.Pan card was easy to re-apply online with a minimal fees of Rs/- 97 (u must be thinking how i knw,coz this is the second time i lost my pan card,hehehe)The challenge was to get a duplicate lisence for which a police complaint was required.

Scene 3: 7 in the evening in Police station along with hubby

Am really excited to see the police station hehhehe.Getting the complaint lodgged in english coz the DL was issued in Bhopal where people wouldnt understand kannada.Then suddenly the lady police inspector says she is not able to find the rubber stamp with english letters. Requests and pleads from our side to search the said rubber stamp.Finally she finds it ,work done yayayya.After 2 days I was going to my hometown,hubby adviced to apply for duplicate liscence.

Scene 4: At home in Bhopal

Dad calls up the agent and explains him the entire story.He says “500 rupay dene honge’.Dad and me reach RTO bribe him and then applied for a duplicate DL.I left happily for bangalore and dad collected the duplicate DL

Few days later mom dad were coming to blore to meet us (me & hubby).

Scene 5: At home in bangalore.

Dad gives me 2 DL.For a moment am confused wat…how…why… i mean 2 DL!!!Another example of govt office goofy work.

Flash Back:Few years (or wait make it as many years)back when i got my first voters id card at the age of 18,i got 2 of them and in both they spelt my name wrong,it was another hectic task of cancelling one where election commitee was not ready to accept that i am only 1 person and i have no sister/clone,my parents got confused do they really have two daughters 🙂

Back to Present:But wait,the photo on one of them looks similar to the one in my old DL.The other DL has different photo.

Me to dad: how come they (RTO) managed to mess up big time.

Dad (after 27 years realized that his daughter is crazy):Dear they dint mess up ,its u who messed it up

Me:Oh common how can u blame me,wat did i do?

Dad(with a grin):You never lost your DL,u send it to me last year for some photo identity proof,remember.

Me (Mouth wide open): wat????

Mom,dad and hubby all ROFTLing and I was speecheless (probably first time in life) and smiling .

Curtain Down.


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