What the …??Days

Am currently into a situation where every thing is going wrong.U know ‘kharab grah‘ an all that.

So lets start but before that ladies and gentlemen plz hold on to ur chairs tightly as u r likely to fall off the chair laughing.

Day 1:Monday Night:

In office I read RM’s post on how she made pakodam.So inspired from her I thought of having stuffed brinjal and mixed veg pakoda for dinner along with rotis.All set I proceeded to make the said stuffs.Now as they say ‘When things have to go wrong they will’.The stuffed brinjals go straight into the wok with some oil.2 min later my kitchen was filled with aroma of all spices.Perfect!!!

I then made a batter of besan along with chopped veggies and I smell something different.Oh this is not how the brinjal smells ,thought I.

Just to make sure if everything is fine I removed the lid and wat do I see ..brinjals getting burnt..oh wait how can i see them dying ..plz god do some magic.I prayed to all the Gods above to save my dear brinjals.Midst of all this I realized I haven’t still switched off the gas…oopps am seriously nuts.In a hurry I switched off the gas with my right hand which was immersed in the besan batter which means an additional task of cleaning the gas knob ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Oh and I forgot to say this subzi was getting cooked in non stick..ya ya am dat gr8 to burn the veggies in non stick vessel.Anyways removed the brinjals threw away the burnt spices added more oil and placed the brinjals back.Finally things looked settling down.But of course in my case how can things come to the right track so soon.There has to be some more drama.

So then came the besan pakoda.The first batch goes successfully in the wok.I thought how can things be normal so soon.

Suddenly I see the pakodas have stuck to the vessel and they refuse to come out .Somehow I managed to put everythingย  in place just dat few pakodas were undercooked and some were overcooked..so wat at least i cooked ๐Ÿ™‚

Now humans do make mistake nothing wrong but the art is to find a person on whom you can put the entire blame.

In above case:Whom to blame: Definitely RM…hehhehe she gave me the idea of making pakodas (she should have given the warning this dish to be cooked by someone expert in cooking like her,not to be tried by beginners :-))

Silver lining:Called hubby and informed him of my kitchen disaster. He returned back from office with a pack of donuts ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 2:Tuesday Night:

After amazing dinner of Gobi cheese partaha and knor soup I set to clean the vessels.Suddenly a loud bang hubby comes running to kitchen my eyes closed heart beating faster than ever.Slowly I open my eyes to see pieces of glass shattered everywhere.Oh where am I,wat happened,wat was this loud sound and from where did these glass pieces come.It was like coming back to consciousness after the anesthesia weans off.

Suddenly i saw one of the glass bowl missing then realized aah its broken.The bowl has left me for ever.I closed my eyes and said my condolences.RIP my glass bowl

Whom to blame: The absconding maid.In her absence I had to do the vessel cleaning.

Silver lining:I was then pampered silly by hubby (as he thought i might have got hurt) and he then himself got down to pick the glass pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 3:Wednesday Morning:

Have to reach office early.Got up at 7 quickly got ready and decided to have lunch outside.Hubby dear with all love cooked daal and rice to rescue my upset stomach from outside food.Glod bess this guy,i married a gem u see ๐Ÿ™‚ I was asked to put the tadka.I readily agreed.Withย  a pair of tongs removed the daal vessel from the cooker and lo wattt??? the tongs slipped and kitchen counter and floor all coated with hot piping daal.My heart sank oh my daal prepared with so much love.Anyways somehow managed to put the tadka and fill my dabba with steaming hot daal and then the lid of the dabba came coming off coz of the steam formed.Carried the daal dabbaย  holding as if i was carrying a baby with all love and passion.Ofcourse hubby dear prepared with so much love and care.

Whom to blame:Ofocurse hubby ,he was the one who insisited on cooking.

Silver lining:Had ‘pati dev ke haat ka ghar ka khana‘ and also since he was ‘working from home’ (which means ‘work for home:-)) he cleaned and mopped the kitchen floor and counter ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope I had enough of these days .Hope to get back to normal days soon!!!


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